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Sunday School in HD: Video Shoot

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originally published on the B&H Staff Blog

About a month back I went on my first video shoot with B&H Publishing Group to First Baptist Church of Woodstock in order to film for Sunday School in HD, by Allan Taylor, and Building Your Leadership Resume, by Johnny Hunt.

The video shoot went wonderfully well – it was simply incredible to hear the stories of life change coming out of the church and the way they do Sunday School. Here’s a little video about my experience even just hearing the stories:

You can view the rest of the videos here. Enjoy!


The Tragedy of MacBeth

Posted in life of linne, video on November 21, 2008 by Aaron

A very special class project, from when I was about 16.  Enjoy!

An Hour and Twenty-Two Minutes of My Thoughts on Digital Publishing

Posted in culture, publishing, video with tags , on November 11, 2008 by Aaron

I somehow totally missed talking about this on my blog.

A few months ago, I was invited to speak at the ECPA’s PUBu event.  The ECPA is the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.  The Publishing University event is strictly for a publishing audience, with workshops designed to instruct and share ideas of what’s going on in the publishing space.  I was asked to lead two workshops:

1) Consumer Interaction with Digital Devices and the Creative Commons

2) Moderate a teen panel on their habits and use of technology

In putting together the Digital Devices/Creative Commons presentation, I was given two goals: introduce the attendees to a variety of devices and introduce them to Creative Commons (so please note, my techno-savvy friends: much of the content here will be introductory to you.  You can skip to the end where I briefly get to talk about the future of publishing.  Maybe a full presentation on publishing futures next year?).  Digital devices and the Creative Commons are two very disparate goals.  As I was putting it together, however, I think I was able to meld the two into a fairly informative presentation.

It is, to be honest, quite the lengthy presentation (and one that I had to rush towards the end as we were running out of time).  I’ve gotten permission from the ECPA to post the presentation, in it’s entirety, here on the blog.  Feel free to watch some of it (or the whole thing, if you think I’m awesome).  You can download the actual PowerPoint presentation here.

LifeWay Conversations: KNOWN with Rick Prall and Mike Wakefield

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In the last video about KNOWN, I got to talk with Scott and Jeff about the general student strategy for KNOWN.  This time I got to sit down with Rick Prall – the editor – and Mike Wakefield – the product manager.  Rick and Mike did a great job of introducing me not only to the KNOWN product, but all of the history, research, and testing that went into the product.

This was my own personal first look at the KNOWN materials and I think you’ll hear in my reactions how impressed I am with it.  The student team has made some great choices and have developed a truly creative piece that fits with student culture that’s out there right now.  It really is unlike anything LifeWay has done before and anything else I’m seeing in the student realm.

What I love about the KNOWN team is that they aren’t afraid to take risks.  It’s a small thing, but even moving away from a quarterly student book to a monthly one is a huge change for us.  And once you open the book, it’s appearant that these guys really nailed it on what a student learner piece should look like.

Being Open and Transparent: Another Reason I Love My Job

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Whenever I begin a new role in life, I seek to set some milestones for myself.  In my current role, I recogonized some immediate needs (exceeding revenue expectations, improving the quality and diversity of the product), but also ancillary tasks I wanted to complete.  One of those was to bring our customers into the walls of LifeWay to see the personalities and passions of the incredible people that I get to work with.  So far, over 20,000 people have viewed the various LifeWay Conversations strewn about (and collected right here for my blog readers).

I’m proud to say that LifeWay has had the foresight to offer a product that’s based on this very concept: to not only give an open look at how LifeWay crafts its resources, but to give the customers a chance to contribute as well.  This project is called Open Access.

Last week, I got to see the fulfillment of my dream to help bring people into the walls of LifeWay.  Somehow, the team decided that it was okay for me to shoot one of our meetings.  The entire team approved the idea.

I know… it’s a strange thing for me to be so excited about.  But I love the fact that we can be open enough with our business that we’re able to give people a glimpse into what it’s like to work here.  Sure, it may be a boring video and you might get dizzy with my movements (the filming was just me and a handheld… we’ve got to look at a better way to film in the future), but it’s raw with real people doing real work and making real decisions.

You can view the video here.

I think it would be great to see other corporations have the boldness to pull back the curtain a bit and give a glimpse into their corporate culture and processes.  Being able to do things like this makes me honored to be an employee here at LifeWay.

Open Access: Choosing a Title

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In this Open Access video, Dale McKleskey talks about the importance of choosing the right title for a product, and some of the processes that we go through to do so.  Dale not only hits on the Open Access project’s study, Going Beyond, but also some of LifeWay’s past studies by Beth Moore.

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Macromarketing vs Micromarketing

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It’s an ugly word that’s surrounded by controversy into today’s hyper-transparency culture: marketing.  But is there a difference between macromarketing with one consistent message, and micromarketing and targeting the real needs and interests of individuals?  Is there a place for marketing ideas in the Church?  And, if so, what are the macro and micro messages we are sending?

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