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My Favorite Music (according to my Zune)

Posted in life of linne, music on April 22, 2009 by Aaron

WSo, like any good modern media software, the Zune tracks the number of plays you have for each song.  As I noticed that I was approaching 25,000 total plays, I figured I’d take a look at my top artists, just for fun.  It’s one thing to say a certain band is your favorite… it’s another to add stats to it!

8 Gnarls Barkley

7 The Decemberists

6 Over the Rhine

5 Ryan Adams

4 Sufjan Stevens

3 The Killers

2 Eisley

1 Tegan and Sara


Other notables (200 or more plays from the band):

  • Nick Cave
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Meg & Dia
  • Josh Ritter
  • Jon Foreman
  • Silversun Pickups
  • Glen Hansard
  • Modest Mouse
  • The Pipettes
  • Damien Rice
  • Queen
  • The Myriad
  • Scarlet Johansson
  • Johnny Cash
  • Derek Webb
  • Vigilantes of Love
  • Belle & Sebastian
  • Griffin House
  • Tom Waits
  • Tokyo Police Club
  • Kerli
  • Ray LaMontange
  • The Frames

And, since the stats are right there for me to type in, my Top 8 albums (not sure of the order, though):

  • With Arrows, With Poise – the Myriad
  • Anywhere I Lay My Head – Scarlett Johansson
  • Orphans: Brawlers, Brawlers and Bastards – Tom Waits
  • Something Real – Meg & Dia
  • The Odd Couple – Gnarls Barkley
  • We Are the Pipettes – The Pipettes
  • Combinations – Eisley
  • Songs for Christmas Singalong – Sufjan Stevens

Hollow Gamerscore Points: Rock Band and the Pixies

Posted in gaming, life of linne, music with tags , , , on July 2, 2008 by Aaron

My buddy Kris and I have played Rock Band far too much.  Last night, I purchased the Pixies Doolittle album for it (mmm… such good music!).  While joyously reliving my teen years through the album, we were jamming out to one of the tracks, “Silver,” when we decided to try it on expert (we usually play on hard, with the occasional expert setting).

‘Silver,’ on Rock Band, on Expert, on the drums, is quite possibly one of the easiest songs in the game.  And, for my efforts, I got 100% on the song.  And the first 100% you get on expert comes with a little chime:

Oh, the torn emotions!  On one hand I was estatic because it’s an achievement I’ve been working hard for, furthering my drumming skills since we got the game.  But… I feel like it’s a hollow victory.  I didn’t get the achievement from doing the hard work that it suggests!  I will always feel empty with these 10 pts, because it feels like I should have done more to earn them.  Alas, alas.

(But I have to admit… it feels good to have unlocked it, within the confines and rules of acquisition.  So if you’re fed up and need to unlock this achievement… go buy Silver.  You, too, will earn the hollow victory that will now plagues my conscience.)

Where Are the Beatles?

Posted in business, life of linne, music with tags , on June 27, 2008 by Aaron

So tonight, Ashley and I watched Across the Universe, the Beatles musical.  The movie was – literally – trippy, and the music was simply astounding.  As it should be; it is the Beatles, after all.

As I was watching the movie, I recognized most of the music but there were some songs that I hadn’t heard before (I really loved “Dear Prudence” and “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” both of which were new to me).  Here’s the probelm with the Beatles, though: they aren’t accessible to me.

While watching the movie I thought, “man, I need to download their music” since I have a Zune Pass and can download whatever I want.  But it’s not there.  Amazon MP3?  Nope.  iTunes?  Not there either.

The only way to get the Beatles music is via CDs.  And I don’t buy CDs.

It’s not that I couldn’t go out and buy a CD… obviously that’s humanly possible.  I just… don’t.  I don’t want the cluttler.  I don’t want to have to keep up with a disc.  I don’t want to be bothered to go to the store.  I don’t want to have to buy a whole album if I only want a few songs.  It’s just not how I consume my music anymore.

So here I am, a willing customer.  I want to listen to the Beatles and would love to get to put their stuff on my computer, and let their art entertain me.  But – because I’m spoiled with the convience of doing everything digitally – it’s not going to happen until someone convinces them to put it out there.

I jsut don’t understand why it’s not out there?  In today’s fast moving marketplace, why would a band so integral to the shape of today’s music not want to be involved in today’s marketplace?  Why silo your work to an old media type that people would be fighting over to be able to distribute for you?  Seriously… it’s not that hard to publish content online.

Ah well.  It’s a shame that the Beatles don’t want me to listen to their music.  Instead, I just got the Across the Universe soundtrack, and it’s pleasing to my ears.

When you decide to play nice, Beatles, I’ll be waiting.


Posted in ashley, friends, life of linne, music on May 15, 2008 by Aaron

100_1220Due to popular request of my own, I have posted the lyrics to Spicey Boot’s hit single, SPACE!  Recorded (and written) live in Seattle, WA, this piece of musical genius is a lifechanging work of art.  Feel free to listen here or at Spicey Boot’s MySpace page!


Space! Space! Spaaace!

We gotta go to space! We gotta go to space! Gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta go to space!

Yearahh… (i have no idea)… Yearahh… (i have no idea what i’m saying here) Yeeeahhhh! We’re gonna fly away into the sky.

(something about cars..?)

Spaaaace! Gotta go to space!  We’re gonna go to space!

Space is where we’ll live! Space is where we’ll live! Space, space, gotta go to space! Gotta get my face, 100_1163into space!

Space is where we’ll live on day!

We’ll meeeet! We’ll meet all the aliens in space.  We’ll meet all the aliens in space.  We’ll meet them all, we’ll meet them all, we’ll be friends with all the aliens in the…

Space! We gotta go to space! Gotta got to space! Space, whoooooa!

We’ll take a rocketship, all the way!  We’ll take a rocketship, out today! We gotta go to space! N! A! S A will get us to space!

Ohhhh… they’re building technology.  Ohhh… they’re building technology. They’re building a space rocket to take us to Saturn, we’re gonna go all the way, all the way to Mars – we’ll even go, down to Pluto! We’ll even go down to Pluto!

Space! Gotta go to space! Gotta go to space! WHOOOOAAA! WHOOAA!!

(i have no idea…) beautiful is space, beautiful is space… beautiful is space.

In the deep of space (i think?  who knows…).  We’ll live in space, with the aliens.  There will be peace in space between the humans and the aliens.  But we will be confused because to them, we will be the aliens. We will not be the humans but we will be the aliens to the aliens. And the aliens will greet us.

Space! Gotta go to space! Gotta go to space! Space, space, all the way! It’s a race, it’s a race to space! Gotta go to space! Space, space, all the way! Take some friends to space!

Space! Space! Space! Space!

What’s Really Happening with the Zune

Posted in culture, music with tags on May 8, 2008 by Aaron

I bought a zune because I saw the vision Microsoft had for the XBox 360, and I fully understood the direction they were going to take the zune.  and now, with the software version 2.5, they are oh so close to being there.

Zune, when it first launched, used the tagline of “Join the Social.”  The product was pretty much made fun of for using that tagline out of the gate; the Zune wasn’t quite a full fledge social device right away.  The only real social aspects was the ability to share songs from one device to another, but even that had (and has) very limited restrictions.

2.5 has introduced a slew of new features that bring the Zune into the real social arena.

First off is a  much better implementation of the Zune Card (the equivalent of an XBox 360 GamerTag).  You can view my actual profile page here (it’s flash, and WordPress doesn’t like flash objects.  Shame on you, WordPress!).  There’s also a Facebook App that plugs the Zune Card into your profile there.

But, none of that is the innovative stuff.  Anyone can have a webpage and put content on it and that are third-party iTunes plug-ins that do the same stuff.

Send me music

About two weeks ago, however, I go a message from one of my Zune friends, Ceaserisok.  Ceaser is a big fan of Tokyo Police Club, as you should be too because they’re awesome (my fav song being “Nature of the Experiment”), and when they’re new album came out he sent a message to everyone on his friends list that included the album.

Since I have a Zune pass, from the message I just clicked a button and *POOF* my computer downloaded the new album and I started listening to it right away.  Music just got a touch more social… I don’t have to just tell you how good something is, I can message you the album.

Show me music

As life, work, our social lives and our dreams all continue to collide and entertwine, Microsoft did something else very smart: they hired people who love music.  Select members of the Zune team are now considered Zune DJs; when you create a Zune profile these special six are automatically your friends.  What does that matter?

Just like the 360 GamerTags, when you’re using the Zune you get to see what your friends are doing.  In the case of Zune, you get to see exactly what your friends are listening to, in real time.  If you see something you’ve never heard before you might get to discover things.

I know, you can do similar things with Last.FM (which I’m also a big fan of).  But this is integrated, out of the box.  And, it’s tied to your 360 account… suddenly your GamerTag has a dual nature to it… and I’m all for aggregating my information.

 With Zune there are just so many ways to discover music.  I still play with iTunes because I upload media to idea at work, and I get so confused with the limitations on their software.  I feel like I’m just looking at a datbase.  I’m not sure how to place my finger on it… but the Zune software makes me feel like I’m in a record store.  I don’t know if they planned that or not, but it’s what happens.  Invariably if I sit down to download a new album, I discover 4 or 5 more to grab along with it.

Sync me music

Now we’re getting to the really cool stuff.

Once I friend you, if I have a Zune pass, I can sync your music to my system.  I can sync another Zune Card with my Zune device and, as such, Zune will automatically pull in any playlists associated with that Zune Card.  Can I repeat how cool that is?  It’s a social experiment in sharing music.

No, this isn’t an ad for the Zune

Enough about what I think about the Zune itself.  What this post is really about what is happening with the Zune.  The software/device is allowing just one more thing become social and intertwined.  Where the Zune is innovating is that they have figured out a way to connect something as varied and complex as the music we like and listen to into the cloud of the internet, to be able to be pulled back down wherever.

iTunes is for people who like certain musicians.  Zune is for people like music.

WIth iTunes you go in, you look for the band you like, you part with your money, and you talk about how cool band so-and-so is.  WIth the Zune (if you have a Zune pass), you go in, look for the band you like, and find bands you’ve never heard of or forgotten long ago and download 5 albums.  And you don’t have to tell people how cool a band is because they can SEE how much you like them.  Better yet, if they have a Zune as well… they can HEAR how much you like them.

Zune is going to let the small bands win.  Being the underdog has allowed Microsoft to innovate, and with the Zune they have.  The only question is how long it will take people to realize that being an Apple fanboy isn’t the best choice for people who truly want to hear new and good music.

Jon Foreman’s “Your Love is Strong”

Posted in life of linne, music, of the spiritual with tags , , on April 22, 2008 by Aaron

I love dramatic, emotionally moving music.  It gives me a taste of another artists dreams/struggles/desires and helps to rekindle thoughts of my own.  95% of the time, however, the really good stuff is about breaking up or things of that nature.

So upon listening to Jon Foreman (of Switchfoot)’s “Your Love is Strong” three times in a row today because it hits that emotional chord just right for how I feel spiritually, full of hope and yearning for God to simply be God… I figured I’d throw it out here, just in case you (yes, you!) hadn’t heard it yet.

You can listen to it here.

Lyrics are here.

Valentine’s Day/Romantic Movie Advice

Posted in life of linne, music with tags , , on February 14, 2008 by Aaron

A few weeks ago, Ashley and I watched one of the most beautiful movies about relationships I’ve watched.  The intimacy and character development between Glenn and Marketa in this movie is simply stunning.  And the character development is almost as good as the music.

The movie is called “Once,” and it’s basically a vehicle for Glenn Hansard to play his music in a movie.  The relationship portrayed in the movie is just quirky enough to be real, and is one of the few times I’ve been drawn into the discovery as well.  The movie was able to show the hesitation and awkardness that comes with discovering the life of someone else so well, romantically or not.

The conflict of the relationship is handled so well, too.

The movie isn’t a happy-ever-after romantic comedy, but it does such a good job at exploring relationships that I think anyone who care about discovering another person should take the time out to experience the music and story of Once.

 (Ashley and I rented it via Amazon Unbox, and the quality was actually quite good!  If you’ve got a computer hooked up to the TV or can stream it somehow, try watching it that way.  The rental is only $2(!)… hooray for cheap, deep dates!)

 (Seriously, only $2?  It’s worth it for the music alone.  Glenn’s music is simply stellar.)

(I should probably give Andy props for introducing me to Glenn’s music… thanks, Andy!)