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100_1220Due to popular request of my own, I have posted the lyrics to Spicey Boot’s hit single, SPACE!  Recorded (and written) live in Seattle, WA, this piece of musical genius is a lifechanging work of art.  Feel free to listen here or at Spicey Boot’s MySpace page!


Space! Space! Spaaace!

We gotta go to space! We gotta go to space! Gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta go to space!

Yearahh… (i have no idea)… Yearahh… (i have no idea what i’m saying here) Yeeeahhhh! We’re gonna fly away into the sky.

(something about cars..?)

Spaaaace! Gotta go to space!  We’re gonna go to space!

Space is where we’ll live! Space is where we’ll live! Space, space, gotta go to space! Gotta get my face, 100_1163into space!

Space is where we’ll live on day!

We’ll meeeet! We’ll meet all the aliens in space.  We’ll meet all the aliens in space.  We’ll meet them all, we’ll meet them all, we’ll be friends with all the aliens in the…

Space! We gotta go to space! Gotta got to space! Space, whoooooa!

We’ll take a rocketship, all the way!  We’ll take a rocketship, out today! We gotta go to space! N! A! S A will get us to space!

Ohhhh… they’re building technology.  Ohhh… they’re building technology. They’re building a space rocket to take us to Saturn, we’re gonna go all the way, all the way to Mars – we’ll even go, down to Pluto! We’ll even go down to Pluto!

Space! Gotta go to space! Gotta go to space! WHOOOOAAA! WHOOAA!!

(i have no idea…) beautiful is space, beautiful is space… beautiful is space.

In the deep of space (i think?  who knows…).  We’ll live in space, with the aliens.  There will be peace in space between the humans and the aliens.  But we will be confused because to them, we will be the aliens. We will not be the humans but we will be the aliens to the aliens. And the aliens will greet us.

Space! Gotta go to space! Gotta go to space! Space, space, all the way! It’s a race, it’s a race to space! Gotta go to space! Space, space, all the way! Take some friends to space!

Space! Space! Space! Space!


Seattle Vacation Super-Post

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So for vacation this year, Ashley and I went out to try on Seattle.  We liked.

The trip was, simply put, stellar and jam-packed goodness.  The only bad part was that we had no internet access the whole time to be able to blog from.  So, in vainity, here goes my recap!

Microsoft, John Porcaro, and the Gamerscore Blog Team

Since we were heading out to Seattle, we managed to match up schedules and meet with John Porcaro and the GamerScoreBlog team.  I’ve been reading John’s blog for years (since before the 360 launch, I think), so it was nice to finally meet him for real.

John has been with Microsoft for nearly twenty years and one of the first people to be a part of their mentoring program.  It shows as John was able to sift through my issues and answered a nagging internal question with perhaps the simplest of answers: “so what?”  It was well time and hit the issue right on it’s head.

During the trip we took a pit stop and got to play with the new Microsoft Surface table computer.

After visiting the new research building we parted ways, but not before I was able to convince him to give the class thumbs-up pose:

Seattle Vacation 2008 007

 A Weekend to Remember

The bulk of the weekend was spent attending the Weekend to Remember event put on by FamilyLife.  Here we can see Ashley unlocking the secrets of marriage.

All-in-all the conference was decent, but was skewed more towards sorting out troubles and issues than growing in a healthy relationship.  One of the best parts of the weekend is that it presents you with ideas that you’re then prompted to discuss with your spouse.  This allows you to have conversations you might not otherwise have, or be comfortable bringing up.  Ashley and I had some great conversation over the weekend, and the conference was worth it just for that.

The Space Needle

Ashely was all kinds of excited to visit the Space Needle.  Lacking proper transportation, however, we got there really early and ended up just walking around the Seattle Center.  It was there that we stumbled onto the World Rhythm Festival and got to hear Raquy and the Cavemen.

We ended up eating at Sky City in the Space Needle.  The rotating restaurant is powered by 1.5HP, or the equivalent of a sewing machine.  It moves you this fast

And, just to be sure we put things into perspective, the Space Needle is tall.

Seattle Vacation 2008 048

The First Starbucks

During the trip to downtown Seattle with Kris and Laura, we got to visit the first ever Starbucks.

The Experience Music Project

We also got to visit the Experience Music Project; basically, and interactive Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Seattle artists (it also had the Sci-Fi Hall of Fame, which was cool… and random).

At first, I thought I had found my calling on the drums but, alas, the drums were a lie. But then, like a muse calling from the darkness, we found the studio. And we recorded. Oh, did we record.

Leonard Sweet

We also got to meet up with one of my occasional-mentors-who-don’t-fully-realize-the-impact-they’ve-had-on-my-life, Leonard Sweet. I first me Len back in 2001 or so, but this was the first time Ashley got to hang with him. The two definately hit it off, and were ganging up on me on more than one subject

Seattle Vacation 2008 079

Portland and Multnomah Falls

Finally, Kris and Laura drove us to Portland/Vancouver to view their hometown, a big Best Buy, a two-story Target, an Ikea, and Multnomah Falls.

And, I got to steer a building.

Seattle Vacation 2008 093

There’s More

But it’s late, I’m tired, and Leonard Sweet told me blogging was vain anyways. So for more media from our trip:

Flickr Photos
YouTube Videos
and the musical wonder that is, The Spicey Boot.

Wisdom of My Wife: Works-Based Sin

Posted in ashley, of the spiritual with tags on February 21, 2008 by Aaron

In case you didn’t know, my wife is brilliant.

One of the things that so greatly attracts my soul to hers is the depth at which she processes and digests things of the spiritual.  One of the great beauties of her wisdom is that for all the deconstruction of ideas and traditions that are going on in the church today, she is always seeking to reconstruct a better understanding.

I keep links to her blog on my sidebar, but I wanted to point out a post she just completed that I think is well worth anyone’s time to read.  Over the past few years, Ashley and I have been working through what “sin” means.  A while back we had a conversation around the concept of works-based sin.  Tonight she posted a great little reconstruction of what sin might mean for us.  I encourage you to check it out and join the reconstruction process on her blog.

there are days

Posted in ashley, life of linne on March 30, 2007 by Aaron

there are days I am just so very thankful for her. the story of our life is so much better when told together. thank you, Lord, for blessing me so much more than I deserve.

ashley in text

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ashley in text
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Flickr Mega-Post

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Super-Villain Team-Up: Galactus, Ash, and Dr. Doom
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Added over 100 photos to our Flickr account, including photos from the comic convention, my old cell phone, a few from Dragon*Con and bunches from the wedding. Enjoy!

first christmas

Posted in ashley, life of linne on December 25, 2005 by Aaron

my first christmas at home with my wife.

loved it.