The Near-Future of the Bible (BibleTech:2009, Collide Magazine, and more)

At the end of March (the 27th and 28th, to be exact), Logos Bible Software will be hosting the BibleTech:2009 Conference.

I will be presenting at the conference on a subject that, I feel, is of the utmost importance: the Near-Future of the Bible.  You can check out my workshop’s description here.

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking on the impact of the future on the Bible, and how the two will intersect.  As an introduction to my thoughts, I recently wrote an article for an upcoming issue of Collide Magazine.  I was able to interview a number of simply brilliant people for that article, and love the fact that my editor gave me a few (hundred) extra words to hash out my thoughts.

I’ve got a couple of other future-thinking things that I’m working on, but nothing to say about just yet.

On a personal note, getting these opportunities is – quite simply – a dream come true.  Anyone who knows me or follows this blog would know that I’ve taken classes on Futures Studies, that I’ve written pieces of fiction on the far-off future of the Bible (that I still need to complete…), and that I sometimes struggle with backtracking to the present when I see the implications of the future.  To have the trust of people not only here at LifeWay, but at Collide, Logos and elsewhere that my ideas have worth and merit is a blessing beyond my expectations.

The hardest part is moving ideas from percolating in my head to relevant concepts for consumption; please continue to pray for me that my words and energies might be constructive and provoking rather than meaningless dribble.

Somedays you just want to cheer and yell and be happy; some days you stand in amazement at the opportunities that lie before you.


One Response to “The Near-Future of the Bible (BibleTech:2009, Collide Magazine, and more)”

  1. I just listened to your BibleTech talk. I was in the other room when you were speaking, and I should have been listening to you. It was excellent! I am listening to it again and am going to transcribe some statements that have high relevance for Open Scriptures, and post them to the blog. I have a lot to learn about futures studies and how they inform visioning and project management; I would be grateful if you would weigh in on the project via the Google Group or otherwise. Thanks!

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