New Media Article for Relevant Magazine’s Neue Quarterly

A while back I had a post about an article I was writing for Neue Quarterly.
Today I’m proud to say that the premiere issue of Neue Quarterly is available for reading online, from the Neue website.  Click into the magazine image on the page, or click here to get into it directly.
My article is on page 46.  I’m pretty proud of the work (even though they cut out quite a bit… I definately over-wrote and did a bit too much philosophizing in the original, uncut version) – let me know what you think!

(And a special thanks for Cynthia Ware letting me know that Tall Skinny Kiwi had posted about it… I didn’t even know it was online yet!  I got scooped on my own article!)


5 Responses to “New Media Article for Relevant Magazine’s Neue Quarterly”

  1. Great article! Well done.

  2. So, my YouTubesday’s are right on par huh? (create a recurring feature)

  3. Ariah –

    You were actually my example for that section. Quite a bit got edited down (the article was originally over 4000 words…). So, yes! Your YouTubesdays are right on (and why your blog is listed in the Resources sidebar)!

  4. Aaron, congratulations again!

  5. Steve Kirkeby Says:

    Just read your article in Collide Mag and your appreciate your take on rural technology. I am a pastor of a small rural church. We have been using video, satellite and internet resources since we moved into our existing building in 2000. We realized that we could communicate the gospel move effectively by the used of technology than without. Even though we live is a rural area and our church is mostly age 50 and above the exposure to media is relevant and expected by our crowd. They have come to expect it in our sermons, training and other special events. We use CCN satellite broadcasts for community outreach events, for small groups (inside and outside the church) and our new Wed night service. We have used youtube videos and a variety of other media. We have volunteer media people and have subscriptions to several media providers. I am seeing less of a division between rural and urban and large and small churches all the time. I believe technology if used properly will enhance our ability to communicate our message and even in a small rural church

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