Innovation at E3: levelHead

In my previous post about this year’s E3, I mentioned that one of the most enticing things for me when buying a video game is having new experiences.  This fall, the Xbox gets a whole facelift, which excites me.  The PS3 is getting LittleBigPlanet, the gaming reason I bought a PS3.  And then, after all the news from last week is starting to settle down, I discover this gem:


Now that’s a new experience.  The concept is so strikingly simple and yet, I am mesmerized.  This is simply incredible stuff.  It’s going to be for the PC, but I could easily picture Sony picking up for the PS3.  This seems like the direction they’re heading in, and would be a great fit along side Eye of Judgment and artistic like flOw.

Please, someone pick this up and make it available.


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