Aaron Linne, Master of Business Administration

As of Saturday, May 10th, I have officially completed my school work and been given the degree of Master’s of Business Administration from Liberty University.  It’s quite nice to be done and completed, having successfully gone through the courses and learned the concepts and structures of business on a Master’s level.

I chose Liberty as my school of choice for this program because I wanted a fully online experience, which I what I got.  I never made it to the school, I never met any of my professors and I never met any of my classmates.  I was able to do everything asynchronously and learned my studies through my own will and determination.

The program was quite interesting, as it requires of its students to be very mature and adult.  Unlike undergrad work, there is no hand holding involved.  You either read the materials or you don’t.  You either learn the concepts or you don’t.  You either do the work or you don’t.

The education through the MBA program has helped me feel secure in my knowledge of business plans, economic theories, and given me a solid foundation to more forward with exploring the business and marketing application of new media.

And so, with much pomp and circumstance, you are more than welcome to call me “Master Linne” from here on out.  😉


2 Responses to “Aaron Linne, Master of Business Administration”

  1. […] I chose Liberty because I wanted a fully online education experience.  With as much online work as I do, it was important to me that my education encompass the very same strengths and weaknesses that my career might have. […]

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