One of the Great Things LifeWay is Doing: Free “Share Jesus Without Fear” Downloadable

Recently made available on the LifeWay Catalog is a series of free downloadable PDFs for the “Share Jesus Without Fear” material.  This is the first release of products under our multi-ethnic initiative led by Phil Adams, and it has been awesome to get to touch on it, just a little bit.

It’s not often that we’re able to give things of this nature away for free, let alone things that are entirely new products.  These pieces were translated specifically for this purpose: to make them available for free.  I’ve gotten to talk with Phil several times about the initiative, and there really isn’t an ulterior motive here; Phil believes that there is a need for these languages that often don’t get much attention to have materials available to them in their native tongue.

The fact of the matter is, LifeWay is incurring a cost to make these available.  We pay the cost of hosting the files and of delivering them (just because we’re a non-profit doesn’t mean that we get free internet bandwidth).  LifeWay pays the cost for meetings when we discuss plans for the products.  LifeWay pays for the time to create the PDF, to organize the process, etc etc.

It’s a pleasure being able to see us take on a financial burden to ourselves in order to better equip fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and doing so in a way  that is comfortable to them, in their own language.  While we would never be able to do this for all of our products (we do need revenue in order to pay for product, authors fees, employee salaries, electricity and the like), it’s great to see us be able to utilize digital delivery to do something like this.

Physical books in the various languages are also available at the discounted rate of $4.90.


2 Responses to “One of the Great Things LifeWay is Doing: Free “Share Jesus Without Fear” Downloadable”

  1. Phil, do you have “Share Jesus without Fear” in English PDF or in PowerPoint?

  2. Heath –

    I believe there will be a free version of “Share Jesus Without Fear” in basic English coming soon, once all the approvals and processes are complete.

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