I am the Light

Craig Webb is the internet producer for LifeWay, and works just down the hall from me.  Every couple of weeks he calls me into his office to check out the PowerPoint presentation he’s putting together for his pastors.  This week – for Easter – he’s got a PowerPoint and sermon outline called “I am the Light.”

 Craig and I are planning on some collaboration in the future with some creative elements that I might be able to contribute from the digital media side of things.  Inspired by the title (but mostly unrelated to the content of his lesson), I pulled together this piece of spoken word just to jumpstart the creative juices a bit.

I’ve been mostly dealing with other people’s work or been entrenched in MBA work lately, so jamming out a little something was quite a bit fun.  Here’s to hoping that once this final MBA capstone course completes, I’ll be able to start back up on the novel and such.

I’ve found an excellent tool for helping when I write poetry/spoken word where rhyming and cadence are important:

Microsoft Excel.

I write one syllable into each cell so I can easily see where the pace is, and easily see when the rhyme needs to come up.  Ah, finding the creative in the completely mundane.


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