waiting for his return

With a flair for the dramatic and emotional, former soldiers recall their battle stories. The feel of an enemy gun. The discomfort of the dark where they hid, waiting. Waiting for you. You’re not just a soldier. It’s not even simply about being a hero. It’s about being a savior…



2 Responses to “waiting for his return”

  1. Yeah, I actually do read your blog on occasion. : )

  2. Good point. I’ve been reminded lately of how I tend to get more wrapped up in my day-to-day stuff that’s going on, rather than the larger story of what God’s trying to do here. And I need to more frequently recall how this all just one part of a much bigger narrative. I felt myself starting to get that again over the weekend.

    As for any enthusiasm or lackthereof regarding Christ’s return… I personally don’t think I often get all that “excited” about it, because of what it means in terms of everything ending. Here, anyway. I mean, believe me, there are some days I’m near ecstatic about not having to deal with this world anymore and Him coming and moving us all on to the next stage. But those tend to be days when I am feeling deeply hurt, in pain, or brokenhearted over something. The rest of the time I’m like, “no, let’s just keep enjoying the present world while we can, and let other people have more time to come to following Christ.” That’s in my generally happier, youthful, hip, and plucky state. Now if I had a life that presented other challenges than what I face in my American middle-class lot, I might feel differently. (Not to undermine the struggles any of us face, by any means. Life is easy for no one. But at least we’re not picking coffee beans or dealing with the societal aftermath of decades of Soviet occupation, for instance. I just like to recognize that my experience of what a typical human life is like could be very different.)

    It’s hard to say how much of my attitude can then be attributed to either: a) honest lack of enthusiasm about Christ returning relative to other more immediate excitements; b) genuine desire for other people coming to know God before He comes back; or, c) complacency in my comfortable station in life, with no people groups or natural forces actively threatning my survival. Or mystery answer “d” that I don’t have enough self-awareness to notice yet? So I’m rambling now. But that’s where it’s at.

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