My First Paid Writing Work!

That’s right, tonight I just turned in my first paid writing gig.  I wrote an article on why churches need websites, and some basics on how to get started with the process for LifeWay’s Deacon magazine.

Beacuse of the publishing schedule for magazines having such a long lead time, the article won’t actually see print until the Spring 08 issue.  Amazing how far in advance they do these things.

 It’s been an honor and a blessing to get to work on this; nevermind the personal excitement of being able to officially say I’m a published freelance writer!  It’s always a good day when dreams come true, no matter how it happens.  Here’s to hoping there’s more words of mine that will see print in the future!


3 Responses to “My First Paid Writing Work!”

  1. congratulations.

    it’s an exiting/weird thing to see the words you put together in a word processor be all fancied up and glossy. enjoy it, and welcome to the club.

  2. i’m just curious what kind of clip art or photos they’re going to use… oh so dangerous 😉

  3. […] First Article going to Print! Way back in June of 2007, I was contracted to write an article for Deacon Magazine.  LifeWay works on a very far ahead […]

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