you must see MirrorMask. visually compelling, with a unique setting for the typical “journey” plot. i’ll admit, there’s a slight disconnect with the images being so other-worldly… but it works to focus you in to the main character. And then when you finally get the chance to connect with one of the characters… well, i don’t want to spoil it.

And, interestingly enough, to me the most emotional scene doesn’t involve the main characters… and, as the tragedy it is, the main characters don’t hardly mention it but with an aside comment. but again, no spoilers… talk to me after you’ve seen it!


2 Responses to “MirrorMask”

  1. I know it rather a few years too late to ask this. Though if by chance you’re still around then what did you find to be the most emotional scene? And what was that comment that the characters made? I have finally bought the movie and have enjoyed being able to watch it repeatedly.


  2. Indeed, it is a worthy film to watch. With funny character and funny setting and story, I loved to watch that silly sphinx chasing creature just to play riddle.
    Oh.. and it’s soundtrack. They arranged it nicely.
    So, Indeed, it is a worthy film to watch. 🙂

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