Dear Kinko’s,

You are the professionals, not me. If I say I need copies of something with a cover and x amount of inside pages, to me – the unprofessional – that means a booklet. If that could mean anything else, I didn’t think about it. So the normal response, you being the professional, would be to ask me to clarify.

In other words, don’t quote me for $180 when you actually want to charge me $600.

Thank you LifeWay Print Services for doing the EXACT SAME JOB for $240. You rule.

And work on your customer service, Kinko’s. Raising your voice and arguing with a customer is not the optimal way to retain business. I called simply asking “what are my options” because I realized that YOU messed up and quoted me wrong. It was you who, during the conversation, said you would honor the quote, then quoted me three different prices for the same job within the course of the conversation.

Ugh. You messed up. Don’t email me back after the conversation to continue to say I’m wrong. I didn’t realize I had to know all your language and terms and secret handshakes in order to get something printed. I didn’t need that lingo for LifeWay Print Services.

They, it seems, actually appreciate new business. And are nice.

So again, thank you LifeWay Print Services for saving the day and giving me one less thing to stress about. And thank you Kinko’s for giving me one more example of terrible customer service to use for an example.


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