Deli’s Adventures in Chi-Town

So last weekend Deli went on a grand adventure for a return visit to Chicago. She’s been there before, so when she first got there she was a bit bored… just sitting around a hotel. Of course, the had to go lounging around and fall asleep on my book bag…

Deli’s not a shy one, however… and she decided no trip to Chicago would be right without some quality deep-dish pizza. Jalepenos, garlic and sausage make for a good snack.

But there was one thing that simply had to be done for Deli; her first trip to the elusive Chicago Apple Store.

It really seemed to be more of a hang out than a store. Since she was there she figured she’d learn from the pros and watch a little video in their theatre:

And then, the computer just her size…

She needs one of her own… ask me how you can help!

Of course, she’s a bargain hunter and found the referbs… mm… cheap apple swag…

Such big steps for such a little girl. She got tired quick.

What does Apple put on their in-store iPods? Deli’s favorite vocal stud, Nick Cave, of course!

She really just wanted to hang around and listen to music…

Of course, after such a grand adventure she rested all the way to the hotel on the “L.”

OK, Deli… time to say goodbye to Chi-Town! We’ll be back in August!



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