the heart and another

the heart was calloused.

it beat steady, but without rhythm or true desire. it beat because it had to; that’s what hearts do. the heart knew it needed something more… anything more… so it flapped itself around screaming “i need something!” and the vultures picked it up as bit the heart with wrongful kisses, massaging it to a bloody mess.

the heart didn’t like this.

the heart, with vultures circling around, was found by another. another simply said “sorry.” the heart, in it’s confusion, flapped around screaming “i need something!” while another gently waved and said “hey, can we talk?”

the heart was suprised at this. you see, the heart had been shut up and locked shut. the heart had been so abused and spit on the it had become so hard to do much more than beat.

another really wanted to talk.

another said, unknowingly and in no so many words, “shhh. it’s ok.”

this meant a lot to the heart.

another had a master locksmith for a father.


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