An Orange Day

And so… it’s 11:20… I should be crawling into bed… but I’m in a really really good mood and writing my 25th post on here.

Just watched Amelie for the first time… I should have watched it much sooner. Being only $15 at Target’, you must go out and buy it… this is one movie i can practically guarantee you’ll watch more than once… loan to friends… so on and so forth…

I’ll be away for the next two weekends… i’ll be in Nashville for all of two days between now and March 10th… it’s sad and hard to disengage from friends and second-family for so long. I’ve not gotten to see too many of my friends as of late…

No Rena, no Tasha/Logan/Mark, no Daphne, no Jess, very little Michelle…

and with my parting to the travels of student events there will be very little Shawn, Thomas, Gary, Amy/Andrea, Aaron and the rest of the Mosaic crew…

And then I don’t even want to start thinking of all the people I really haven’t talked to in ages… oi.

I really want to write something special and fun about Amelie, y’know? But really… I think all I can do to give it justice is tell you to watch it. Hey – you can watch it with me if you really want! Just find some free time on my schedule… I’ll probably give it some time.. watch it again before I start talking about it.

Such a good movie… I feel like I’m pimping the movie or something.

One thing I do want to pimp is Erin McKeown’s music. Go to the iTunes music store and download her songs “Fast as I can” and “Lullaby” – beautiful beautiful.

Ok – taking a grammar test tomorrow at three. Think of me.

Eh – Dream is calling me home. Night all!

Talk to you in two weeks… lol.. unless there’s some way to get net access at the events…


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