Journal Entry on Visions

Journal Entry on Visions

We say we get visions from God, but then we don’t trust them. We say it really wasn’t from God – or that we just thought it was. I’ve said before that God will give us a vision and then change it. And I believe that. But we must no fail that origional vision. If we don’t persue it up until the time God changes it, then we have not been obedient. If we expect God to change the vision God haas given us, without having truly chased after it, we have been disobeient. If we epect God to change our vision or to give it again just because we are unsure of it, we have been disobedient. If God gives us a vision, we must chase after it. It is a great gift, and we must make the most of it. If we don’t take what is given to us, if we don’t accept grace…. then surely, we are being disobedient.


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