Hand Made Fake

Hand Made Fake

And so I guess it was all one big game

I got to be you little toy, your emotions to tame.

You fed me lies, would cut open my heart

And now its finished before it could really start.

I hope it was good for you,

That my pain wasn’t a waste.

Tell me you did what you set out to do,

Or didn’t you want more than a taste?

In a three strand wire strung together

I didn’t think you’d be the one to break.

So worried about tomorrow and forever

Not the most of today to make.

And lies upon lies upoone lies you feed

To me, to him, to yourself, to she

If only you had known what you really did need

If only I had known what you’d turn out to be.

I pity you, caught in your made-up mind

Where you control and take and take and take

I pray one day I’ll somehow find

That you’re not your own hand made fake.


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